B-Series PRO

The newest in a long line of kites that go beyond the norm, the PROs are a combination of both style and function. The B-Series is designed by John Barresi, and the B-Series PRO is made by award winning kite maker and iQuad pilot Barry “Bazzer” Poulter, assuring top quality in these limited production sails.

These kites are brought to you by the guys who know what works because the are a part of the heart and soul of one of the greatest teams today iQuad, and if ever someone who knows how a sail should lay these are the guys that have spent the time with the kite. Now with Bazzer at the helm of the actual lay up and sewing using only the very best Icarex sail cloth, you have the new B-Series Pro.

This is the next generation of B-Series with over 60 different design option in six different colors the B-Series Pro is one step above and miles beyond any other production kite then when you add the fact that this kite can be purchased with custom rod set up you are at the top of the food chain. This is all brought to you by the leader in 4 line kites Revolution and two of the most prevalent best team fliers today, John Barresi and Barry (Bazzer) Poulter from team iQuad.

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As an added note there are even more special team prices and set ups for the next set of guys or gals who want to push it even a bit further.