Rev Club 38 Launching Soon! Contact us with questions

      Why Revolution Club 38 Welcome to Revolution Club 38 After 25 plus years of watching our Revolution community, we’ve noticed that everyone who joins the Revolution family, might not be getting all the Fun and Adventure they should out of their Revolution. That is what has inspired us to create Rev Club.. read more →

2013 AKA Multiline Champion

John Barresi – 1st Place MMB & MMP – 2013 AKA Grand Nationals Congratulations to John Barresi for his sweep at the AKA Grand Nationals in Seaside, taking home the 2013 national championships in both Masters Multiline Ballet and Precision!  His kites of choice are the B-Series, and he is the head instructor at KiteLife.  .. read more →

100 Rev Mega Fly at WSIKF 2013!

If you’re a Rev enthusiast, come celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Revolution Kites in Long Beach WA during the Washington State International Kite Festival with the largest recorded gathering of Rev fliers anywhere in the world and what we hope will be a new world record of ONE HUNDRED pilots and kites in synchronized formation, shattering.. read more →

Special Edition: Dog Fight

This is the new “History In Flight” series which is a special dye-sublimation kites done by our friends “Los Hermanos” in Spain. The first of an ongoing series, this one features the P-51 fighter which played a huge role in keeping the skies safe in WW 2, as you can see this also comes with.. read more →

B-Series PRO Colorizer upgraded!

If you haven’t heard already, we’ve totally overhauled our official B-Series PRO colorizer with HTML5 and a bunch of new features that will work on nearly every computer, tablet or smart phone, including an easy to use “Share” function that allows you to save or forward your design to a specific email address. Take a.. read more →

Rev Travel Tote is a winner

After releasing the official Rev Travel Tote at the Kite Trade Association’s annual Trade Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, it was such a hit that attendees voted it “Best New Kite Product of 2013”! We’re honored to see it so well received, and are sure you’ll enjoy it too – light weight, very.. read more →

Spencer Watson – Indoor Rev video takes off!

Member of Team iQuad and recognized as one of the top Rev pilots in the world, Spencer Watson flew this winning indoor kite competition performance at the 2013 Windless Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA and it’s seen an amazing 365,000 views and 1,000+ comments on YouTube since January 26th – he is flying an.. read more →

2012 AKA Multiline Champion

Mark Quirmbach – 1st Place MMB & MMP – 2012 AKA Grand Nationals Congratulations to Mark Quirmach for his sweep at the AKA Grand Nationals in Oklahoma, taking home the 2012 national championships in both Masters Multiline Ballet and Precision!  His kites of choice are generally the SLE or B-Series, and he is highly active.. read more →

B2 Stack Play

Spence “Watty” Watson and John Barresi put a 5-stack of Revolution B2 kites through their paces in variable 4-12 mph winds. using standard sails, 3 wrap front frame and 2 wrap in the rest, 150# x 110′ LPG lines on 13″ handles… Be sure to see our limited time “Watty Special” pricing on B2 stacks. read more →