Scott Skinner

Scott Skinner

When you speak of the people or figureheads of kiting, no list is complete without this mans’ name, Mr. Scott Skinner. To tell you of all he’s done for kiting would take up an entire book rather than a paragraph or two. Let’s just say he has brought the sport of kiting to more people all over the world than I could do in ten lifetimes. Scott is the driving force behind the Drachen Foundation, as well as its originator, (, and a great kite builder in his own right.

When Revolution was in its infancy, Scott contacted the brothers and a deal was reached. He would sew three kites for Joe, Jim, and David, and one for himself. To this day, these 3 very original S. Skinner Revs are at the Revolution offices, in tribute to this man.

When we first started the Masterpiece series, I wanted Scott to create a few of his kites. Knowing how busy he is traveling the world, spreading the joy of kiting, this would be near impossible. Yet, he has stepped up to the plate and made us 5 Skinner Masterpieces. However, only 4 are for sale. Family, here they are 4 Scott Skinner originals. I can tell you, this will never happen again.

Masterpiece Designs

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Skinner Originals (Rev 1.5)